Sep 23 2011

Looking for a New Project

My project load has started to thin out a little and I’m looking to get involved in something again.  Currently looking for a game / YouTube style “short clip” that is nearing completion, or on a clear path to release.

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Sep 22 2011

Quick Composition #1

I’ve decided to start up a little routine to do some quick compositions (I’ll aim for once a week) to help me grow as a composer.  The goal here is not necessarily interesting melodies or thought provoking compositions, but to work on mixing appropriate instruments together and achieving an overall pleasing sound that I’m proud of.  Most of these posts will follow the same format, unless I get extremely lazy.  Any composers out there can feel free to contact me to discuss any of these pieces, I’m always looking to improve. Continue reading

Sep 8 2011

New Music

Over the past couple days I’ve been trying to mix my tracks a little bit better than I have in the past.  I’ve learned quite a bit from the experiment (music) which is good, but I’ve now run up against a limitation of my current system.  My computer is incapable of loading all the plugins I want to use at the same time.  The new song I posted uses the maximum number of individual instrument patches (from LA Scoring Strings and Spitfire Albion) for my RAM. Continue reading

Sep 5 2011

Libraries You Need #2 – Spitfire’s Albion

Well, it’s probably not a library you need.  But since I’m mostly focused on film / game music, some sort of orchestral library is needed.  So I’ll continue writing these “Library” tutorials titled this way, even though you probably only really need Komplete 7/8 and the rest is just suggested expansions if you haven’t already chosen something. Continue reading