Oct 28 2011

Convolution vs Algorithmic Reverbs

I’ve received this question multiple times, and it’s the number one search phrase (or a combination of those words) that leads to my site.  This is surprising since I haven’t actually written the article on it yet, but here it is!

I’d like to start off by saying I am indeed not an expert.  I’ve asked this question to many composers that I’ve had the pleasure of being in contact with and they all have varying opinions on the subject.  I’ve learned a bit from each of them, and I think I’ve narrowed down what I think is believable reverb and what I think you should use (especially for composers starting out). Continue reading

Oct 26 2011

Upcoming Tutorials

I have a few half baked tutorials that are probably all going to be released at the same time.  I apologize if you’ve been checking back recently and not seen anything, I’ve been pretty busy with some projects as well as getting some of my “sound” nailed down. Continue reading

Sep 30 2011

Technology Part Two

Quick update on the migration.  I’ve finished setting up the new computer, installed Live and copied over my two favorite libraries (Requiem Pro, LA Scoring Strings).  I feel much less limited in my music now, I did a quick little choir “call and answer” piece last night that would have been impossible on my old computer without rendering it piece by piece to audio files.  So far so good, I should be productive by Sunday.

Sep 28 2011

Technology Advances

I’m almost done upgrading my computer, which I’m expecting to provide me much more breathing room when composing.  For those I’m working with that I haven’t contacted yet, I’ll be a couple more days getting all my software back to where it was before (including reorganizing all my presets, etc).

Also, Quick Composition #2 will be posted when I’m done.  It’s already complete but I have a small tweak I wanted to make to it.