Oct 28 2011

Convolution vs Algorithmic Reverbs

I’ve received this question multiple times, and it’s the number one search phrase (or a combination of those words) that leads to my site.  This is surprising since I haven’t actually written the article on it yet, but here it is!

I’d like to start off by saying I am indeed not an expert.  I’ve asked this question to many composers that I’ve had the pleasure of being in contact with and they all have varying opinions on the subject.  I’ve learned a bit from each of them, and I think I’ve narrowed down what I think is believable reverb and what I think you should use (especially for composers starting out). Continue reading

Sep 5 2011

Libraries You Need #2 – Spitfire’s Albion

Well, it’s probably not a library you need.  But since I’m mostly focused on film / game music, some sort of orchestral library is needed.  So I’ll continue writing these “Library” tutorials titled this way, even though you probably only really need Komplete 7/8 and the rest is just suggested expansions if you haven’t already chosen something. Continue reading

Aug 27 2011

Libraries You Need #1 – Komplete 7/8

I’ve received quite a few questions from producers looking to expand their gear, or looking for a place to start.  This is a pretty difficult question to answer, there are quite a few libraries that I use on a regular basis, as well as live sampled instruments (guitar, random sound effects, etc).

If you’re using Ableton Live like me, you’ll know that the sounds and samples included in the Ableton Live library are nowhere near as complete (or useable) as the built in effects (like the algorithmic reverb, we’ll cover that in another tutorial).  Sure Ableton’s Cello is not bad, and the piano can work in the context of a mix (not as a solo instrument in any way). Continue reading