Sep 1 2011

Messing Around with Spitfire’s Albion

I’ve been debating myself constantly about what library I should pick up for brass instruments.  I ended up taking a leap of faith and grabbing Albion from Spitfire.  Other than a couple small bugs, I’m pretty happy with the library so far and actually wish I’d have gotten it before LA Scoring Strings.  Don’t get me wrong, LASS is awesome and I definitely would have gotten it eventually anyway, but I see Albion as a perfect starter orchestral set and even your go-to for ensemble legato / sustain patches to fill out a song.

I’m writing up a more thorough “review” for the tutorial / gear section, but here’s an example clip that is done entirely using Albion and the stage/ensemble mic mixing options (great by the way).  That’s right, I didn’t even add any Ableton reverb to this or any post production.  The percussion might be mixed a little too high, but I wanted you to be able to hear it well instead of blending it into the mix.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Aug 11 2011

Music Projects

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I wanted to give a quick update.

For those of you waiting for the tutorials, they’re still coming don’t worry.  I’ve just been pretty busy with a few projects I’ve taken on.  I hadn’t expected the exposure from Reddit to be quite as potent as it ended up being.  I’m currently working on a couple tutorial/articles outlining where to get started and what pieces of gear I think are absolutely mandatory.  I’m also working on a Komplete7/Komplete8 article discussing why I’m pretty sure all starting producers should pick it up as I think the tools included are indispensable. But more on that later.

I’m currently working on 4 music projects (and 1 album to be released on AmazonMP3 sometime in the near future, at least before Christmas I hope).  All the games I’ve taken on look pretty promising, and have all provided a wide enough gamut of content and themes to help grow my skills and genre focus.  Once I get approval from the individual developers, I’ll start linking developer blogs here to their games.  Some of them are not too far along in development so I’m not sure how much exposure they’re looking for.

It’s been fun so far, and I’m glad I finally took the jump to start producing stuff that will get out there.  Thanks to everyone who has been involved so far.  I’ll be looking for more projects later this year.

Jun 29 2011

Site Launched

I’ve finally managed to get this site together. While the main purpose is to show some of the music I’ve been working on and to stir up some new potential projects, I also want to take some time to contribute to the music knowledge base.

I plan on providing tutorials, both based around my thoughts and ideas with contemporary music theory and how I think it relates to modern music composition as well as tips and tricks using some of the gear I’m using on a regular basis. It will mostly be geared towards music in games at the moment, and I’m hoping discussing my techniques will help me learn and grow as a musician. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or areas you’d like me to cover.

As mentioned, I’m currently looking for new projects that I can work with in a “Trade for Portfolio” arrangement. If you’re working on a lower budget game, this is a great opportunity for you to acquire what I consider “high quality, professionally composed music” for one of the cheapest prices around.

I’ve put some of my music up over on the music page, feel free to take a listen. I’m still currently looking for a music player that is not flash based so it will work on all mobile platforms equally.

Hats off to the creators of this theme. I like the integrated mobile browser support, there’s an option to turn off the theme-credits but I think credit is definite due for this one.