Upcoming Tutorials

I have a few half baked tutorials that are probably all going to be released at the same time.  I apologize if you’ve been checking back recently and not seen anything, I’ve been pretty busy with some projects as well as getting some of my “sound” nailed down.

Two common searches that have been linking people here so far that I plan on addressing with articles / tutorials:

“Algorithmic reverb vs convolution reverb”:  Short story, I think you should be using a mix of both.  My stance has changed to lean a little more towards algorithmic, but more to come on that.  Mostly I think it depends on the source material, and what you’re mixing together.

“Do I need Albion if I have LASS”:  Surprising that this commonly brings people to my site, I haven’t even written my notes up on LASS (LA Scoring Strings) yet.  Short story:  If you don’t have Symphobia, or dedicated Brass and Woodwind libraries, yes you should get Albion even if LASS does all your string work.  If you do have dedicated libraries for the other sections, it’s a bit harder of a sale.

I also plan on bringing a couple more Quick Compositions online, just working on wrapping up some templates and remixing some songs for some clients.  Also, thanks for all the great feedback people have been sending in.  If you have other tutorials or things you’d like me to write about feel free to suggest them!

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