Looking for a New Project

My project load has started to thin out a little and I’m looking to get involved in something again.  Currently looking for a game / YouTube style “short clip” that is nearing completion, or on a clear path to release.

Feel free to contact me with your project’s details.  If possible, please include some or all of the following (the more you include, the more likely I am to be able to fit you into the schedule):

  • Description of the game
  • Screen shots
  • Demo video links
  • Links to music you think would fit
  • Targeted dates / platforms / project scope

I’m willing to work within any genre, probably prefer to work on puzzle games or action games if possible as they are quickplay and usually have less of a focus on number of tracks (as opposed to RPGs or adventure games, highly story driven).  I’m not ruling out those games, they’re just much harder to release and thus the risk is substantially higher.

Contact me and we’ll work out the details.  As usual, I’ll likely be working just as hard as you to promote your game since I’ll also be promoting my work.


Lame Disclaimer: That last bullet point is probably the most important of them all.  I’m trying to both grow as a composer and get my music out and available.  The overly ambitious games, while fun to work on, tend to get canceled or end up with infinite deadline changes.  This ultimately means I’ll spend time creating music, and iterating on it with you, and it never makes it into a released game.

It’s not that I don’t like your game, I’ll probably think it’s awesome.  Last time I was looking for projects I was approached by an awesome looking RPG that I would say was around 25% complete.  They had great ideas, dedicated writers (two of them) and wanted around a 30 song soundtrack from me to score a game with a projected 40 hours of storyline.  That’s pretty intense, and awesome, but I currently don’t have the bandwidth to focus on that many songs unless there’s a guarantee for release (original composer quit and took all the music a month before launch, etc).

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